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†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Washburn, Wisconsin

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† A Small Town On The Greatest Lake


Surrounded by forest, the city of Washburn nestles on the shore of Lake Superior's historic Chequamegon Bay in northernmost

Wisconsin. With unparalleled outdoor recreation opportunities, a vibrant cultural life, and a progressive atmosphere, Washburn is great place to live, a rewarding place to do business, and a spectacular place to visit.


Explore the links at left to find out more about Washburn or to learn the latest news from the city government. To help you find the information you need, consult the Site Index.









Posted: May 18, 2015

Announcing City Hall Summer Hours

Beginning May 26th and ending September 4th:

City Hall Hours will be from 7:30 A.M. Until 4:30P.M.


Post Updated: May 15, 2015

Click Here to View the Most Recent Draft of West End Park Master Plan (LEAVES THIS WEBSITE)

The City Council and the West End Park Ad Hoc Committee will be meeting this Monday, June 15th at 6:00pm at the

Washburn City Hall to discuss the Concept Plan and other plan components.The public is encouraged to attend.



Posted: June 9, 2015



- Assistant City Administrator

- Water & Sewer Operator Street Laborer

Click Here for More Details


Posted: June 5, 2015


Click Here to view the 2014 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

for the Washburn Water Works.

For additional information on the Washburn Water Works,

please call the Washburn Public Works Department at 715-373-6171.



Posted: June 4, 2015



City Hall Roof Replacement Project

City of Washburn, Wisconsin

Click Here for Bid Documents


Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the City of Washburn until 2:00 PM, July 2, 2015, according

to the clock on the wall at the Washburn City Hall. The bids will be publicly opened and read aloud, for the furnishing

of all labor and material for the construction of the following items in approximate quantities indicated:


Base Bid


Roofing Surface:



119 Washington Avenue

Washburn, WI 54891


Primary Proposal:

City Hall roof tear off, repair and re-roofing project

Shingle tear off, remove all damaged framing and base materials or repair, replace and dispose of material as required,

before a new asphalt roofing system is installed.†† Rain gutter installed on the East side of the building.


Alternate Proposal:

Police Garage roof tear off, and repair reroofing project.


Shingle tear off, remove all damaged framing and base materials replace or repair, and dispose of material as required,

before a new asphalt roofing system is installed.†† Installation of rain gutter on both sides of garage.


The project should be started and completed in a two week period. If you have any questions, please contact Gayla Salmi at

the Public Works Department at 715-373-6171.


Bid security in the amount of 5% of the bid, and an insurance bond must accompany each bid in accordance with the

Instructions to Bidders.


The City Administrator reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and/or waive any irregularities if deemed in the best

interests of the City.The City of Washburn Common Council reserves the right to accept the bid considered most

advantageous to the City of Washburn.All respondents accept this process in submitting a proposal.


Respectfully Submitted,

Scott J. Kluver



Posted: June 2, 2015

City of Washburn

Open Book and Board of Review


The City of Washburn Open Book with assessing firm, BowMar Appraisal, Inc., will be conducted Tuesday, June 23, 2015,

10:00 AM to Noon at the Washburn City Hall, 119 Washington Ave, Washburn WI 54891. Official Board of Review will be

held Monday, June 29, 2015, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM at the Washburn City Hall.The assessment roll will be available for public



Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes Sections 70.47(7)(aa),(ac),(ad),(ae) and (af):



No person shall be allowed to appear before the Board of Review, to testify to the Board by telephone or to contest the amount of any assessment of real or personal property if the person has refused a reasonable written request by certified mail of the assessor to view such property.


After the first meeting of the Board of Review and before the Boardís final adjournment, no person who is scheduled to appear before the Board of Review may contact, or provide information to, a member of the Board about that personís objection except at a session of the Board.


No person may appear before the Board of Review, testify to the Board by telephone or contest the amount of any assessment unless, at least 48 hours before the first meeting of the Board or at least 48 hours before the objection is heard if the objection is allowed because the person has been granted a waiver of the 48-hour notice of an intent to file a written objection by appearing before the Board during the first two hours of the meeting and showing good cause for failure to meet the 48-hour notice requirement and files a written objection, that the person provides to the clerk of the Board of Review notice as to whether the person will ask under sub. (3)(a), that person provides to the Clerk of the Board of Review notice as to whether the person will ask for removal under sub. (6m) of any Board members, and if so, which member shall be removed and the personís reasonable estimate of the length of time that the hearing will take.


When appearing before the Board, the person shall specify, in writing, the personís estimate of the value of land and of the improvements that are the subject of the personís objection and specify the information that the person used to arrive at that estimate.


No person may appear before the Board of Review, testify to the Board by telephone or object to a valuation; if that valuation was made by the assessor or the objector using the income method; unless the person supplies to the assessor all of the information about income and expenses, as specified in the manual under s. 73.03(2a), that the assessor requests.The municipality or county shall provide by ordinance the confidentiality of information about income and expenses that is provided to the assessor under this paragraph and shall provide exceptions for persons using the information in the discharge of duties imposed by law or of the duties of their office or by order of a court. The information that is provided under this paragraph, unless a court determines that it is inaccurate, is not subject to the right of inspection and copying under s. 19.35(1).


The Board shall hear upon oath, by telephone, all ill or disabled persons who present to the Board a letter from a physician, surgeon, or osteopath that confirms their illness or disability. No other persons may testify by telephone.



Inquiries regarding Open Book Hearing Appointments and Board of Review may be directed to the City Administration Office, M-F,

7:30 AM-4:30 PM, #715 373-6160 ext. 4.Objection Forms to Real and/or Personal Property Assessment are available at the City



Scott J. Kluver

City Administrator/Clerk



Click Here to Watch a City Council Meeting Online on Ustream

(Link leaves this website.)




Click Here to Learn More about the Cityís Zoning Code Rewrite

Project and to Review the Proposed Changes


Learn More About the Regional Housing Program


Administered through the Northwestern Regional Planning Commission (NWRPC), the Regional

Housing Program offers qualifying Low- and Moderate-Income households with financial assistance for

housing rehabilitation, homebuyer assistance, and funds towards handicapped accessibility modifications.


For more details about this program visit the program website or view the program brochure.



         2015 Fee Schedule Released (PDF)

         Wisconsin's New Municipal Utility Law- Forms and Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

         Runoff Water Overflow And How You Can Help

         Zoning Code Revision: Frequently-Asked Questions

         Thompsonís West End Park Beach Cleanup Status Report (PDF)

         Information on Possible Utility Extensions

         Council Meeting Now Available as Streaming Video

         Washburn Marina Improvements Plan

         Downtown Building FaÁade Renovation Loan Program

         Voter Registration Information

         City Real Property for Sale



Need information on beach closures?
Check the Wisconsin Beach Health page for up-to-date information.



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